Welcome to Turbo Play Video Tutorials!

I 've created some flash videos in order to show you how to use Turbo Play.

Although Turbo Play is very simple to use, it is quite different from other known sequencers, especially when it comes to the new Windows 7 style interface and the Visual Router. This page has the following video categories for you:

  • The Beginner, contains all the videos you should watch carefully to understand how TP works.
  • The Editors, contain videos that use most of the features of the available editors: The Pianoroll, the Score, the Byzantine, the Audio, the Video and the Lighting editors have a lot of features. The most useful are presented here.
  • The Features, contain videos that demonstrate various TP features like the VST Explorer.
  • The Advanced, contains setups for the advanced user to take advantage of the most extreme Turbo Play features.

The videos require the usage of Adobe Flash Player.

At this moment, the following videos are available:

  • Beginner
    • Explore Interface
      • This explains you the ribbon and the track manager layout.
    • Sample MIDI to VST Project
      • This demonstrates how to load a VST, write a midi track and play it through the VST to your sound card.
  • Features
    • VST Explorer
      • Demonstrates VST loading, configuring and processing and tells you about security and safety measures.
  • Editors
    • Piano Roll Editor
      • Demonstrates the most featured midi editor.
    • Lighting Editor
      • Demonstrates how to create, edit and configure a Lighting Track.
  • Advanced
    • Remove Control
      • Demonstrates TP remote controlling using an Android Application
    • x86 vs x64
      • Demonstrates how to load x86 VST and ASIO drivers from x64 TP and also how to load Sandboxed plugins.


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