Welcome to Virtual Class

After 25 years of expertise in music engineering and software developing, I decided that knowledge is something we do not own. We are obliged to transfer it to the next generation.

Virtual Class is a Windows tool for e-learning.
It combines the power of Windows Desktop Sharing along with our own Voice and Chat technologies to create a very small, yet robust application for your classes.
Server Features
  • Limited Attendees
  • Controlled View/Interactive Sessions with optional password protection
  • Controlled Chat, Command, Stream and Voice Channels
  • HTML Ticket Server
  • TCP + UDP transport
  • HMN Library
  • File Transfers
  • Per-Application controlled interactive sessions
  • Voice Server with controlled quality (OPUS based)
Client Features
  • HTML Chat
  • Voice Chat
  • View/Interactive Sessions
  • Permissions
  • HMN Library
  • File Transfers
  • View Scaling and Color Depth
  • Multiple Joining
Both tools auto-update when updates are available.
Download Virtual Class Server:
  • x64
  • x86
  • The Server is a portable application that can reside anywhere in your server PC. Teachers use the server for the students to connect via the client.

    The server can be configured interactively, or started with command line parameters:

    • --cdepth <8|16|24>: sets default color depth for the session. Default: 24.
    • --port : sets TCP port number for the interactive server. Default: chosen by Windows. Must be NAT-accessible.
    • --hport : sets TCP port number for the HTML ticket server. Must be NAT-accessible. If you serve raw tickets, you can omit a HTML server. Default: 7001.
    • --aport : sets UDP port number for the Voice server. Must be NAT-accessible. Default: 7003.
    • --hmnports : sets Help Me Now library ports. Must be WAN-accessible. Defaults: 7004 and 7005.
    • --invitation : Allows you to create an invitation from the command line, for example --invitation Grp,,15

Download Virtual Class Client:

The client can be installed or run as a portable application. All it needs is a server key (a http URL) to join the class.

Virtual Class is licensed on demand from teachers, schools, universities and organizations.
Please contact us via the Business Contact here, describing your needs.